August 8, 2020

How new technologies improve innovation marketing?

Innovation marketing does not just start with the market launch of an innovation. Rather, it is responsible for developing suitable strategies and measures in all phases of the innovation process in order to filter out customer needs and obtain feedback. This is the only way to ensure that investments are made in promising innovation projects and flops are avoided. Read in this blog entry how new technologies improve innovation marketing and facilitate access to relevant information for programming, data access and user interfaces, thereby creating completely new possibilities for interaction with customers and interested parties.

New tools for the Customer Journey

Innovative systems enable companies to support consumers throughout the entire customer journey – from the initial idea to the purchase. These technologies can therefore also be used profitably in innovation marketing, for example to compare innovation projects with customer needs or to test hypotheses (e.g. A/B or prototype testing) at an early stage of the innovation process.

Clicktips and similar systems, for example, track user behavior across offline and online touchpoints, helping companies to optimize their customer journeys. Attribution tools show which channels have the greatest impact on customer decisions. Various platforms offer the possibility to analyze unstructured data, and new programming languages evaluate huge amounts of data in order to predict customer behavior. In addition, interface design tools allow you to program a mobile app or website to change its appearance or functionality depending on where the customer is on the Customer Journey.Currently, however, there are already thousands of tools for digital marketing. It is easier and above all more efficient to choose a platform for digital marketing that combines the majority of all tools. So-called marketing automation platforms, which represent a relatively new area in Europe, meet this requirement. According to G2Crowd, the best known are: HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot and Act-on.

Marketing automation can be defined as a software platform that optimizes, automates and measures marketing measures and workflows. This will significantly increase sales and make marketing and sales more effective overall. Good marketing automation software such as Hubspot meets the following requirements:

  • Development of content strategies and websites (CMS)
  • blog feature
  • production of content
  • Creation of Call to Actions and Landing Pages
  • lead generation
  • Automated workflows
  • lead qualification
  • Email Marketing
  • newsletter
  • A/B Testing
  • social media marketing
  • Personalization of content on web pages and e-mails
  • ROI measurement
  • Sales tools
  • CRM (own CRM or integration with an existing CRM)

According to a study by PAC, almost every second European company currently works with at least three different technologies for the collection and analysis of customer data. This often creates islands of data that can obscure the overall picture and adversely affect a company’s innovation marketing. Integrated marketing automation systems, which automatically merge all data, provide a remedy here.

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