October 20, 2020

Innovation That Are Used In Modern Farming ?

Modern farming with advanced technologies has lots of advantages and benefits. Because of high technology usage, farmers do not need to use resources like fertilizers, pesticides, and water uniformly across the farmland. Instead of that they can use the only necessary portion of resources and target the specific area or even a specific plant. This means they can increase crop productivity with fewer amounts of resources. Less usage of resources like fertilizers and pesticides means less use of chemicals, this helps to reduce the impact on the natural ecosystem and the chemicals in ground and river water. Usage of technology also increased the percentage of worker safety. Robotic technology is being used to monitor and manage natural resources and controlling the production of animals and plants, storage, distribution, and processing.

Let’s see some of the advanced technologies used by modern farmers:

Weather Tracking for Agriculture:

The condition and behavior of weather are very important when it comes to farming. It is true that technology is developing but the major portion of farmers community still takes decision-related to a plantation on the basis of the possibility and amount of rainwater. There are many mobile apps available through which farmer can access online weather tracking services. This technology helps them to notice the changes in weather so they can protect the crops by taking the necessary precautions.

Agricultural Soil and Water Sensors

After weather, the second most important aspect of farming is the quality and quantity of soil and water. Soil and water sensors can detect the nitrogen level and moisture level. This information can be used to decide when to provide water and use the fertilizers without a predetermined schedule. This helps to control the use of resources, the chemicals in ground and river water and the cost of the resources. These sensors are affordable and durable.

Crop Sensors for Agriculture:

Protection of the crop is very important as we spend lots of money and time on them. Crop sensor helps to detect the health of crops and the attack of insects which can destroy crops. With the help of this information, a farmer can use the right amount of pesticides on affected plants and protect them from getting destroyed. This increase the quality and quantity of the crops hence increase the profit.

Satellite Images for Agriculture:

Satellite images can be used for various type of information like road network, weather changes, a behavior of oceans, etc. But this technology is also used to keep an eye on crops without being actually present in the farm. This definitely saves a considerable amount of money and time. Plus we can integrate this technology with soil, water and crop sensors so whenever danger or requirement of resources occurs we can get a notification.

Abbotts (Agricultural Robots):

Means agricultural robots can be used for agricultural processes like soil maintenance, plantation, weeding, irrigation, fruit picking, harvesting, etc. This can speed up the processes with less man force which saves lots of amount of time and money. Unlike humans, these robots can maintain consistency while processing which reduces the risks in many aspects which increases productivity.

Animal Tracking:

This is mainly a dairy farm technology. A smart collar belt is developed to detect the health and fertility of cows. This device can be integrated with a smartphone or laptop to keep an eye on the behavior of a cow. This helps to provide treatment, food on time for the cow. Because of this monitoring, we can increase the capability of a cow to produce more milk and make a good amount of profit from dairy farming.

Vertical Farming:

Before 21st-century vertical farming was just science fiction. Vertical farming means the production of food or crops in vertically stacked layers. This technology has many advantages. As we are growing crops vertically, we required small land for this type of farm. And the most important advantage of this technology is the growth of crops is possible in an urban environment also, this means an increase in productivity which can make the economy of country stronger. It also can provide fresh food in less time and lower cost.

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