October 20, 2020

Innovation Trends Use In Marketing Today

The Internet of Things not only has great potential for industrial production processes, but also opens up new opportunities for marketing. Intelligent, networked products ensure a constant flow of data and provide new knowledge about consumers, target groups and markets. The company receives detailed information on where, when and how the customer uses the product.

User behavior and customer needs can be better understood and products can be further developed in a targeted manner – for example by adding innovative functions. IoT technology can thus be used efficiently in innovation marketing to sound out new ideas or concepts in controlled experiments and to involve customers and users at an early stage.

The technology behind Facebook & Co is now very sophisticated and provides fast and direct access to relevant target groups. This can be used efficiently in early innovation phases to identify user needs, e.g. through surveys, presentation of first prototypes or A/B testing.

At the same time, however, there are also many possibilities for marketing finished innovations. It usually takes some time before innovations are accepted by customers, even if customer needs have been understood and the product offers real added value. Professionally conducted social media campaigns can bring a decisive advantage and quickly increase attention and interest. Especially videos with emotional or amusing content perform very well.

One example of a successful social media campaign is Tentsile. A few years ago, the company developed an innovative tent that is a mixture of a hammock and a tent. The commissioned agency Stoyo Media produced a short video and put it online on the Facebook page of its publisher partner “The Daily Dot”. Within a very short time the video had an organic range of several million views.

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